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2015 Spirit of America and Fullbore F-Class National Championship

27 Jul 2015 10:48 AM | Leo Cebula (Administrator)


Fullbore Rifle Prone Championship

          Sponsored by the Bald Eagles Rifle Club, the 2015 Spirit of America matches will be held at the NRA Whittington Center near Raton, New Mexico on 12-19 September.  The match is open to sling shooters, F-Open and F-TR shooters, and include matches at 300, 500, 600, 900 and 1000 yards.  This year’s F Class competition will be the “Fullbore F Class National Championship”.

          Since 2002 the Bald Eagles have hosted the Spirit of America match, and it has grown in both stature and reputation with every year of competition.  It is one of the premier fullbore matches in the world, and the range at Raton is one of the most beautiful in United States. 


 Wildlife is a common sight.

          The short ranges are fired in the mornings and the long ranges in the afternoon.  Short range matches (300, 500, and 600) are fired “two to the mound” while the long ranges (900 and 1000) are fired “string fire”.  Both individual and team matches are fired and competitors not belonging to a recognized or hometown team are encouraged to join a “make-up” team for the experience and the camaraderie of team shooting.  The total round count for the week is more than 400 (counting practice and “blow-off” shots.)  That’s lots of shooting on one of the best ranges in the world.  It’s worth the trip!



Healthy competition is always in evidence.

          In addition to cash, trophies, and medals there will be a door prize table containing a variety of merchandise from recognized companies in the shooting sports industry.  Top door prize will be a Savage M12 F Class rifle with a Nightforce Competition ‘scope.  Other merchandise includes items from such notable firms as Sierra, Krieger, Berger, Lapua, and Brownell’s along with certificates for work by well-known rifle-smiths.



 The Whittington Center main gate.


For complete details of the match download the program from the on-line entry system under "Events" on this site.


John W. Gaines, President

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