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Volunteers needed for F-Class World Championships

01 Apr 2013 8:37 AM | Leo Cebula (Administrator)


As you know the Bald Eagles is hosting the 2013 World F Class Championships to be held at the Whittington Center August 23-27, 2013. This is a world-class match andwe want to put on a great tournament.

We need volunteers!

In particular, we need target pullers for the 8-man teams, line officers and block officers in the pits. Of course these duties are open to women as well as men. There will be about fourteen eightperson teams from other nations and they each will require two target pullers. We may need line officers and block officers in the pits, and perhaps other positions. We are still working on the staffing. We will compensate the Bald Eagle volunteers in one of several ways:

  • Giving a free entry to the F Class Nationals ’13.
  • Giving a free entry to the Spirit of America ’13.
  • Providing a double occupancy room at the Microtel in Raton (the number of nights dependent on duties and days worked for the World Championships).

We would like for Bald Eagles to fill these positions because you all know what you are doing, but outsiders will be considered…like your kids or grandkids if they are at least 14 years old and have experience pulling targets. Volunteers pulling for 8-person teams or providing other significant duties will be compensated by the Bald Eagles.

Other volunteers will be needed to pull for certified handicapped competitors during the F Class Nationals and the F Class World Championship individual matches and will be paid by these competitors in cash.

These volunteer positions are for the F Class World event. Volunteers are expected to work full time during that period of time. You can’t shoot and work. Pullers will be in the pits all day when on duty and must give fast and accurate service.

Please note that we are still receiving entries from abroad and from the USA. We need a list of interested volunteers for planning purposes. Much will depend on the actual number of team entries we receive.

If you are interested in volunteering or for more details please contact John

Gaines at or call 830-249-2095 (before 8:00 PM central time


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